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I have a day planner for 2023 with these words written across the top; I had no idea how accurately this would describe my year.

After getting the layout and manuscript for my third book, Creativity as a Life Path, off to the editor the end of 2022 and finally having the book in my hands in February, I was off for my first visit to the island paradise of Hawaii!  Yes, that’s the beach at Waikiki!  It was as beautiful as I’d imagined.

Upon my return, I learned that the Post Dispatch was doing a feature in their “at home” section on my home, studios, gardens, art, and books!  I had to get busy getting the gardens ready, filling planters with flowers, cleaning out beds—well, you know, making everything perfect.  The feature came out early June in case you want to search Post Dispatch archives for it: “St. Peter’s house is artist’s sanctuary.” What a beautiful article and amazing photos. Or try this link: 

The same week I got the call from the Post Dispatch, I was contacted by a writer for US New and Business Reports for an online article on my business.  I so appreciate this free PR.

My Open Studios and Gardens and Book Release Event was scheduled for June 4!!  It was a great success with much help from my dear friends and my family.  We had more than 100 guests come through.

June 23-25 Renee and I FINALLY got to host our first weekend retreat together!  We facilitated Beyond Survive to Thrive at the beautiful New Harmony Lodge and Conference Centre in the quaint hamlet of New Harmony, Indiana.  It was such a success that we will repeat it in April of 2024 and have scheduled a second retreat on Aging with Grace in September of 2024!!

After having my family here for the Fourth of July, I took a much-needed rest.  My blood pressure was telling me I needed a break from all the excitement!  All is well after an adjustment of meds.

Work has been going on all year to complete editing and submission of my fourth book, A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth; this is a second novel.  I am excited to announce that it is finished and should come out early 2024.  Once I have that book in hand, I am planning an exhibit of my new painting series of the same name and a book release/signing event at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre (tentatively in February) and at the St. Charles Country Arts Council Lilian Yahn Gallery in WingHaven in June.  Watch for details and specific dates!

Finally, 2023 brings the “going active” of a brand-new website where you can see al that Groenemann Studios and Inner Eye Life Coaching have to offer, complete with an on online gift shop.  I am so excited!  Thank you to Michael Foster for creating this wonderful new site for me.

So, as I prepare to celebrate Christmas 2023 and then a brand-NEW YEAR, I want to thank everyone who contributed to an amazing 2023.  I hope you enjoy my new site!