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There’s no doubt that climate change is creating some unusual events around the world. Stronger and more rain-filled tropical depressions, more severe droughts and wilder winds that are whipping up record wild fires, and record flooding to name a few. This year the changes wreaked havoc with my garden plants. The severely shortened spring confused many into blooming not at all or for a much briefer period. And now, I watch as leaves fall from my trees onto 6” or more of still-falling snow. We have no choice but to adjust to change. And yet, I see so many who dig their feet in and believe they can refuse.

Change has been a catalyst for the greatest growth as an individual in my own life. And some of these life-changing events I have tried my hardest to resist. Ultimately, I had to learn to accept. Change doesn’t concern me so much these days. I have learned that I must do the best I know to do and then let go and flow with that river of life.

So, I’m enjoying the view from my studio. And though still-lingering leaves and snow like this is not a normal mix, I realize it may well become the new normal. There is a beauty and a purity that comes with it, and as the leaves pepper the stark whiteness of the snow, I see a message in this as well. If you are in, or entering the winter season of your life, welcome the saucy seasonings of fall to keep you tangy and unpredictable just like this day. Rejoice in change and make the best of it. You may be surprised just what new insights it will bring!