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There are times in life when a person needs to withdraw from their busy world and enter into a period of introspection. This was such a time for me, and Jan Groenemann’s uniquely designed creativity and coaching intensive provided such a respite.

Jan uses her experience as a skilled life coach, intuitive artist, and compassionate healer as she focused on enlarging and expanding my awareness of my inner journey. Knowing that the intensive was designed specifically for me heightened my appreciation of this time of personal growth. Her garden sanctuary, lovely accommodations, and delicious meals added to my enjoyment!

Jan respectfully guided me as I created my own artful journal of the intensive. It is now part of my story where I can continue artfully writing what is truly important to me.

I encourage anyone interested in growing in self awareness not to miss this wonderfully enriching opportunity.

Maripat Monterubio

"Ever since I knew about life coaching I thought you were a "natural". Not only do you have the common sense and relationship skills necessary for doing coaching, you have the entrepreneurial ability, which is essential to being financially successful in this profession. All the very best of luck to you with coaching. If ever there was a "natural" you're it. "

James W. Worth, Doctor of Educational Psychology, Washington and Lee University, Richmond, VA

"I am so glad that I did the Creativity Intensive with Jan. Twenty-four hours in her beautiful studio and garden is a treat in itself. The assignments were enjoyable, creative, challenging, and self-revealing. A big takeaway for me was that I discovered I like myself better and that I am capable of more creativity than I realized. My desire to continue on a spiritual growth path was strengthened. Jan is very intuitive and has a knack and skill for presenting me with the perfect, yet fun, challenge. I feel blessed to have had this experience. I would recommend it to anyone searching for spiritual growth and creative fun. "

Camilla Baxter, June 2022

"My 24-hour stay at Jan’s home was a perfect mix of retreat and soul work, restorative for body and soul! It was a chance to quiet the noise of the outside world, center, focus, and align with purpose. Being nurtured by Jan’s loving spirit as she sought to take care of me, body and soul, was an experience of compassion and love. She fed me healthy, tasty food and waited on me like a loving mother. We set our intentions for our time together, and then she guided me through connecting with my values and beliefs to solidify my next steps—actions to take after the intensive. Using journaling and guided imagery, I was led to find comfort in spirit and a vision for the way forward. "

Cortney Tatlow, August 2022