I am in love with writing; I find it allows my soul to just pour out on paper.

New Release: A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth

Groenemann awakens her readers to the wonder of a childhood nurtured by nature as they follow Ellie Addis and Cooper Kane growing up in the wilderness of the Ozarks. Having barely known one another as early teens their lives take them on divergent journeys. They separately come to adulthood just as they recognize that climate change is beginning to threaten the natural surroundings they hold dear. Ironically, the very nature they love throws them together again; the challenge becomes how to preserve their precious Ozarks (as well as the rest of the planet) while navigating their own personal rocky terrain. A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth pushes the reader to examine their own vital and sacred relationship with both themselves and the natural world.

What other authors say about A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth

“True to Jan’s nature A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth is a subtle tour de force aimed at awakening or reawakening in her readers the wonder that guided their growth from childhood to adulthood. A close reading of Ellie Addis the child becoming Ellie Addis the adult sparks inescapable questions in the reader’s mind regarding personal growth, familial relations, spirituality, one’s relations with the earth, and one’s responsibilities. Jan pulls no punches. Her characters show life can be hard. Life is hard. Yet, Ellie and Cooper deliver a belief that not giving up on life brings wonder, beauty, and a sense of fulfillment, and that just maybe we can step back from the looming abyss that is climate change, carnival politics, and an earth that seems to no longer nurture.”
Bob Scarfo, Land and Life,® LLC , BLA, MLA and PhD, Emeritus professor, with Washington State University and author of Landscape Architecture as Storytelling

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth is an emotionally engaging story of a young woman with a deeply passionate commitment to help others “see” the importance of the vital and sacred relationship between humans and nature. Readers will find themselves quickly drawn into the life challenges Ellie Addis faces, but Groenemann’s novel has a much larger story to tell. Amidst the ever-increasing threats of climate change and human indifference, this book serves as a timely and sobering reminder that our very lives depend on how we care for our planet.”
Teddy Norris, poet and author of Pillars of Salt and In Transit

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth is an engaging tale of poignant observations regarding actionable, real-world decisions that can yet be made to avoid a looming worldwide environmental catastrophe melded into an intriguing storyline. The two main characters, Ellie and Cooper, are challenged with hardships; despite this, a passionate love for the natural world, including mankind, drives them to seek answers to halt our speeding dive into climate change. This book succeeds as both literary fiction and prophetic insight into what may be our generation’s most daunting challenge.”
Frank Prager, Freelance writer and nature photographer

Reviews by Readers

This story needs to be made into a movie!! Beautiful story, beautiful scenery!

Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2024

I loved this engaging novel. It needs to be made into a movie!!! It is set in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Missouri near Branson. The story involves two young people, Ellie Addis and Cooper Kane, who grew up there and barely knew each other as young teen-agers. Later as adults, dealing with separate personal challenges, their lives intersect again through their love of the natural world and concern for the threats of climate change. Groenemann’s compelling story will awaken in the reader the necessity to reconnect with and actively care for this precious earth that sustains us. —CB

A must read for anyone who enjoys a compelling story and is concerned about climate change.

Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2024

I loved this book! It’s well-researched and populated with interesting characters. It has an unputdownable flow to it! I learned a lot about climate change and the urgency with which it needs to be addressed. I also love her artwork on the cover! —KJ

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth

Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2024

I loved every minute of this important story. Embraced within the relationship and love of Ellie and Cooper, is the story of climate change and its importance for us. How to be an activist…read further. All this in the gorgeous scenery of the Ozarks! —Kindle Customer

Incredible story of love, purpose, and commitment

Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2024

I loved this novel! Groenemann masterfully crafts the story around the intriguing relationship between Ellie and Cooper and their mutual love for each other and for the natural world. Set in the wilderness of the Ozarks, it is a story of commitment to what is most important in life – purpose, meaning, connection, and a deep concern and care for our precious Earth. I especially loved the way Groenemann exquisitely described the natural world. I felt like I was there. This book will not disappoint. It will be a great book to discuss at my book club. —LS

Through the Inner Eye: Awakening to the Creative Spirit

Through the Inner Eye was born out of Jan’s experience and insight. It reflects her desire to help others come to a deep form of self-understanding, to learn to see beyond the surface, to penetrate realities that underlie experiences, and to see things as they are. It is both an affirmation of the power of the creative spirit and a guide book for enhancing it.

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Islewest Publishing 1994
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The creative process enables the creator to contact his or her inner or primary self. By practicing the observation of life through this intuitive “inner eye” we become more aware of life — its possibilities, its limitations, its meaning.

Woman Alone: One Woman’s Journey Through the Murky and Magical

Jude Bennett’s “happily ever after” has dissolved into a crisis that catapults her into the limelight of the Chicago art scene with a passion to help other struggling female artists. Even though her childhood dreams of being a wife, a mother, and an artist have been realized, Jude instinctively knows something is missing. So when her mother suddenly dies, she sets out on a quest to find herself.

As her search for meaning in an unpredictable world takes her from rural Illinois into the international art world, from Christian traditions to a universal spirituality that encompasses even her Native American heritage, and from the belief that she needs a man to be whole, Jude must learn to embrace her vulnerability, the joy of self-discovery, and most importantly, her purpose.
Woman Alone is the story of a creative woman’s murky yet magical search for meaning as she questions her life, her immortality, and where she truly belongs.

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Check out the book video on Woman Alone, Jan Groenemann’s first novel.

Other authors on Woman Alone

For any woman who questions her purpose in life, Woman Alone is an essential read. Vivid descriptions and character development hook readers throughout. However, it is Groenemann’s mystical creativity that wraps the reader to dimensions most have never experienced.”
Scottie Priesmeyer, author of The Cheaters

“I applaud the depth of understanding with which Groenemann weaves in the interlocking themes of personal growth, authenticity, and happiness. Woman Alone is a thought-provoking read.”
Dr. Patt H. Pickett, author of Awesome Couple Communication

“We all yearn for happiness and a sense of purpose, but self-discovery is often a complex journey. Jude Bennett’s search is both familiar and inspiring, and especially timely for today’s readers.”
Teddy Norris, author of Pillars of Salt

Reviews from readers of Woman Alone

I’m reading your book and I don’t want to put it down. Writing down key phrases that speak to me. Jude and I have so much in common. It is having a profound effect on me. I know that sounds a little far fetched, but I find myself thinking about it during the day and making changes in my thinking and my actions. So thank you for writing it. I feel you and I have always been on the same wave length. Hearing your heart felt feelings expressed in a way that speaks to me has made a difference, and I wanted you to know. —Nancy D, MO

Woman Alone takes the reader to some interesting places, both physically and mentally. Jude Bennett’s journey in Woman Alone feels very honest, very real, and very inspiring. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will smile along with her as she struggles with, and truly faces, the realities of a life alone. —Joan M, MD

Your book was amazing! I loved it! There were so many things I identified with — the loss of Jude’s mother, the controlling husband, communing with nature. Your emotions in the book were so real, I have a feeling you’ve experienced some of them personally. Your insights were so perceptive that many times I was thinking “yes, yes, that’s how I feel” And Applewood! What a beautiful place. I will go there in my mind. Thank you for a great read! I can’t wait for your next book. —Linda S, NJ

I finished your book this evening. I loved it so much! It held my interest throughout the entire read. It covered many topics, yet maintained a wonderful flow. It was relatable on so many levels and subjects. And, finally, there were important answers and insights which I feel can be helpful to many. Thank you for sharing this wonderful creative work with the world!! —Susan S, AZ

Right off the bat this prologue absolutely blew me away. I was so caught up absorbing the substance of what you wrote….Your insights about feeling like you’ve found the path for everyone when you’ve found your own and the fallacy of this perception were like someone came down off of a mountain with wisdom I repeatedly fail to recognize. How often I have felt like others were not on the right path because they are not on mine! I will tell you that you are a very wise woman and my life is immeasurably richer for knowing you. I would just tell you to keep doing what you are doing. Your writing and your presence has an immense influence on the people around you. —Frank P, ILL

Creativity as a Life Path

Creativity as a Life Path (2023) is both Inspiration and Tools for creating the life you Love.

$40 plus shipping and handling

Other Authors on Creativity as a Life Path:

“In this treasure of a book, Jan Groenemann invites us on the heroic journey of creativity as a life path. Through inspiring poetry, compelling stories, and creative examples she demonstrates that creativity itself is a path that awakens us to the realm of the sacred and our most authentic self. Creativity is a practice, and this book provides a generous toolbox of techniques on how to practice creativity with intention, curiosity, playfulness, and magic. Jan’s ‘tools’ are not just based on theory but on her very own creative practice and processes that have led to her becoming an ‘artist of being alive.'”
Holly Carson MA., L.P.C., L.C.S.W., Co-author of Weaving Ourselves Whole

Creativity as a Life Path is a creatively envisioned, moving, and convincingly presented guide for awakening our innately creative Self, setting intentions for how to utilize that creativity, and then living that vision. The book showcases the author’s own creativity. Well-organized and authoritatively presented text is enhanced by Groenemann’s poems and stunning photos of her artwork and her gardens. This is a lovely book, lovingly presented by its multi-talented creator.
Teddy Norris, author of Pillars of Salt

Seeing the Magic (A Book in Progress)

Whether young or old you will love this beautifully illustrated book that opens your own artist’s eyes. You will want to share it with your children and grandchildren as well as your friends. A joyful book.

Curiosity uncovers the freshest things
of imagination, mystery and ladybug wings.

The magic revealed will feed the soul
And indwell your being whether young or old.

Come see with me the deep down things
And I promise you your heart will sing.

I watched the moon in its slow rise silhouetting the apple tree where I climbed and sat each morning inspecting the beetles that frequented the knot holes, and smelling the emerging blossoms, fragile pink with stamens hot magenta. Its slow progression hauntingly matched the who, who, whoing of the barn owl hiding somewhere in the green woods.

Who am I, I thought, my childish mind wondering how it was that I inhabited this body in this place, this time. I could have been born into any other family in any other place in the world. Why here, why now, why was I me?

As I watched and pondered, the moon seemed to grow in size and brightness. I wondered at a God that could create this. Such beauty. And something within me was growing, expanding. I began to feel as if something was going to burst right out of my nine-year-old chest. And then it did! It burst into an indescribably wonderful sensation, ecstasy I can call it now. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever known.

With this feeling something I can only call a “knowing.” I knew this was God. And God was not “out there” somewhere. God was inside me, and outside me, was in me and in everything! I would never think of God the same again. God was everything.

Jan has been writing poetry since childhood, and for many years she has journaled almost daily. Her love of writing grew, early on, into the position of school newspaper editor and encouragement to major in journalism by her instructors. However, Jan saw painting as her first love, so the writing evolved into motivational articles for a church newspaper. It was somewhat of a surprise to Jan when she found herself compelled to create a book on creativity. She was facilitating many creativity workshops at the time and experienced firsthand the powerful effects of connecting with that inner guide and source of creativity. The book Through the Inner Eye just sort of flowed out of that.

Now, still journaling daily, Jan is working on a fifth book, Seeing the Magic.

Seeing the Magic records moments of insight that have been a part of Jan’s experience throughout her life. Illustrated with colorful watercolors and colored pencil paintings you are sure to find this book a delightful and inspirational experience.

Jan’s journaling has spilled over into the process of creating Artful Journals as well. These creative journals are a perfect way to connect deeply with your inner guidance. Jan facilitates workshops on artful journaling.

If you are interested in any of Jan’s books, classes or workshops please contact us.

The Joy of Artful Journaling

The Artful Journal is a beautiful technique for connecting with your inner-self. It combines the intuitive flow of writing with the fun of visual expression. Working with drawing, painting or collage you allow yourself to illustrate words, thoughts, feelings….

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