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I’ve often heard that March “comes in like a lamb and out like a lion,” and that certainly fits my March of 2024. I gave myself some de-cluttering and down time for the winter. My fourth book, A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth, came out in December. Whew! I was ready for a rest following the publishing of two books, our first Inner Eye Retreat in New Harmony, Indiana, and a trip to Hawaii all in 2023. So, allowing for some winter downtime prepared me to schedule two art exhibits for 2024 along with book signings, set dates for two retreats for Inner Eye Life Coaching, have a wonderful one-week- getaway to Sedona, and come home to get ready to install the first exhibit and prepare for the Opening on April 4.

For me this is what semi-retired looks like. Obviously, I haven’t yet figured out just how to slow down. The problem is that everything I do is so much fun! And speaking of fun, my dear friend and creative soul-sister, Holly, and I spent all last weekend playing! We did a course on creating a handmade book with the theme of trees; each of us completed a handmade book of trees. I titled mine. Tree Poems. I came away feeling so energized and creatively renewed. I highly recommend “creative play!” It releases those “feel good” endorphins, destresses, and relaxes you in so many ways. I’m including a few of the pages here.