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The evening of April 4, 2024, was my Opening and Book Signing for a new series of paintings plus my recently published book, both titled:  A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth.  There is no way to know how many to expect to show up at events such as this, so I was pleasantly surprised to have 115 people in the audience as I shared my philosophy and creative process.  There were some who viewed the exhibit but didn’t stay for my presentation, so the exact number of attendee’s I do not know.  I just want to extend a “THANK YOU” to all who came.  I so appreciate all of you!

The St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre has played an important role in my life and career, so it was such a pleasure to hold this event in their space. When the Centre was first formed, the founder and then director, Rich Brooks, called to invite me to teach some of my art classes there.  I had a huge waiting list at the time, as I could not offer enough space in my home studio to handle all those seeking classes.  I took five classes to the new Arts Centre.  I continued to teach classes, exhibit, and sometimes judge exhibits at the Arts Centre until shortly before the onset of the COVID pandemic.  I also continued classes in my “at home business” Groenemann Studios.

The City of St. Peters, through Rich Brooks and later Cindy Dubois, purchased six of my original paintings.  I am so grateful for the support I have always received through the city.  The present mayor, Mayor Len Pagano, has long been a supporter of the arts.  He and I served on the Cultural Arts Advisory Board before he became mayor.  In addition, Jill Tutt, the present director of the Centre, was most helpful and supportive in putting together the present exhibit and opening celebration. So, a big “thank you” to St. Peters.

Included below are photos from the event.  I hope you will join me Sunday, June 16 for another opening and book signing at the St. Charles Country Arts Council’s Lilian Yahn Gallery in Winghaven.