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In working on this new website with graphic artist Julia Carney, I noticed that I was missing a quote for my Classes & Coaching page.  As I began my search for an appropriate quote I found many, but this one from Robert Frost really spoke to me:  I am not a teacher but an Awakener.

In my professional life I wear many hats: painter, author, life coach, and instructor in the fine arts.  It’s sometimes difficult to know the best way to describe my work so that I can appeal to any who may benefit from what I offer.  But an Awakener really hit it on the head.  That is, indeed, my main priority. As an Awakener, I am most of all hoping to encourage my clients to connect with their deepest inner self.  It is here, deep within, where I believe we connect with God, the source of all that we are.  Here one can learn to listen and to find the right answers to questions for guidance.  This way of listening also brings a new way of seeing, a metaphoric way of seeing.  One finds that everything we see and experience becomes our teacher, a teacher that deepens even more one’s awakening.

Not only does the greatest art flow from this deep inner source, but also the deepest compassion for others.  What I hope to awaken you to, whether you are looking at my art, reading my books, learning to see as an artist in one of my art classes, or coming for life coaching is that spark of spirit or soul that is YOU.  Your soul knows truth. So when you connect with your soul, you find a clarity in in all of life.