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“I’m reading your book and I don’t want to put it down. Writing down key phrases that speak to me. Jude and I have so much in common. It is having a profound effect on me. I know that sounds a little far fetched, but I find myself thinking about it during the day and making changes in my thinking and my actions. So thank you for writing it.”   –Nancy D, Missouri

“You take the reader to some interesting places, both physically and mentally. Jude Bennett’s journey in Woman Alone feels very honest, very real, and very inspiring. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will smile along with her as she struggles with, and truly faces, the realities of a life alone.”  –Joan M, Maryland

“Your book was amazing! I loved it! There were so many things I identified with — the loss of Jude’s mother, the controlling husband, communing with nature. Your emotions in the book were so real, I have a feeling you’ve experienced some of them personally.
Your insights were so perceptive that many times I was thinking “yes, yes, that’s how I feel”.
And Applewood! What a beautiful place. I will go there in my mind. Thank you for a great read! I can’t wait for your next book.”  –Linda S, New Jersey

Thank you so much for your feedback!  I so appreciate it!  When you put so much time and soul into writing a novel, you can lose all objectivity and wonder, by the time it is ready for publication, if your story is really as relevant as you thought it was.  I depend on your feedback to know the answer to that.  So please, do send me your feedback at or under contact Jan.  It is very valuable to me.

I am  excited to be getting such responses as above from across the country.  Obviously, Jude Bennett’s story touches a common cord within many women.  I had hoped this would be the case, for Jude’s story comes from bits and pieces of many women’s stories that I have known as friends, students and clients as well as bits of my own mixed with a big dose of imagination.

Woman Alone was, for me, not only a work of love, but a work of art that spoke growth-producing wisdom to me as surely as my abstract paintings have spoken to me over the years.  I was surprised to find the two main themes were love and forgiveness.  I did not set out to push the idea that “all things happen for a higher purpose;” rather, the book led me to that conclusion.

I have long believed that creativity and spirituality are inseparable.  When we connect with our creative muse we are connecting in some way with Spirit.  Woman Alone has validated that belief for me once again.

I invite you to communicate with me about how it speaks to you.  I would love to see you June 24, 2-6PM at my Open Studios and Garden, 110 Millbridge Ct., St. Peters, MO.

Jan Groenemann: (click on contact Jan)