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Today as I literally ran out the door to get my mail, I stopped short about halfway to my mail box. Right there in front of me, standing between me and the mail box, was a Red Tailed Hawk!  Huge, alive and standing only a few feet from me eyeing me as I eyed him!  For a few minutes neither of us moved. We just stared at one another.

Finally, seeing he had no intention of flying away, and realizing I was going to be late for my next class, I waved my arms at him and he flew to a tree in my neighbor’s yard.

Being part Cherokee and owning my own set of Animal Medicine Cards (a gift from cousin Tom who I swear is a reincarnated Shaman), I knew I needed to check out what this most unusual appearance might mean.  After all, my maiden name is Hawkins.  Here it is:  “Hawk.  You bring a clue about the magic of life! You remind me to watch for signals and signs, to keep a keen eye and bold heart, and to fly close to Grandfather Sun. You remind me to let nothing keep me from freedom of flight.”

Signs.  Yes, I do believe they are left for us every day as a means of insight and inspiration. So you can believe I will be looking for the “magic” as I go about the next several days.  Here’s wishing you a little magic in your life as well.